I am a Demotivational Poster

Ever get that feeling that there is just nothing out there that could ever make you want to lift a weight or put on your running shoes again?  Where you know all the things you are supposed to do but you just can get yourself to that state of mind where you can actually do them.
I know all the tricks, think of my initial motivation, my reason why, or maybe just go and put on some fancy running socks and your runners.  Normally all of these things are enough to get me to strap on my shoes and get outside for a nice run.  But lately running has been feeling like a chore.  Perhaps it is the blisters that I am constantly getting from the new orthotics, or maybe I am just needing some outside motivation but right now each run I feel like I have so much of a chore, rather than a pleasure.

Exercise or running more specifically isn’t always like this. Normally I am pretty stoked to put on my runners and head outside for a run, I am normally most excited this time of the year, it has started warming up, the streets have been swept, and I am ready to go.  But lately I just don’t have it.

Luckily for me, my morning workouts haven’t been affected by this lack of desire to get out there and get moving.  And even more luckily for me a friend of mine, who is only the fastest lady runner I know has agreed to kick my butt one to two times a week during our lunch hour!  Hopefully these lunch hour butt kickings will get me back into gear and get me ampted to go get out and get running on my own.

All I keep telling myself is “come on body start loving running! just start loving it!”  So hopefully soon I will wake up one morning and my legs will just be craving some longer distance runs along the canal and through the trees *fingers crossed*.


3 thoughts on “I am a Demotivational Poster

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  2. nobody loves exercising all the time… I find the times I REALLY REALLY don’t want to do it are the times I have to make myself… I put it off from time to time, don’t get me wrong… but I try extra hard on the days I think there is no way in hell… because once you do it, you know there is always a way in hell 🙂 and for g-sakes, don’t make too many exercise committments or your bound to not meet them all! 🙂 now get out there and get a tan (while running!) 😉

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