It’s Finally Over!

So it has finally happened. After having recently developing an aversion to hot yoga getting through my ten class pass felt like the hardest thing to do in the world. I recently found out I had one class left, that is right just one more class till I was free of those stuffed over heated rooms.

So yesterday morning in honour of this day I signed myself up for the 730am Power yoga class and I got it over with.

I still very much love yoga, it was just the thought of the heat that made my skin crawl. But now that’s over and during this struggle I got to learn some things about myself. Most of which I knew but it is always nice to have experiences which solidify things like that for you.

The biggest lesson learnt here for me is that I do not like being told what to do. Having to constantly be a part of the hot of these hot yoga classes felt like someone was dictating
my yoga practice to me, and made me resentful of having to be in that hot room.

Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all bad. I had the same joy performing the sequences, and the same calming results at the end of each class. I mostly just had a problem with knowing that it was going to be the same 32degrees when I went to the class and to me it just didn’t feel natural.

But all of this just to say I’m free! I am finally free! it feels good to be liberated and to now have the option of finding a new Yoga Studio that offers different classes in different temperatures. Hatha classes in an non-heated room here I come!
Have a wonderful Saturday. Don’t forget it is earth hour tonight, so break out the candles and boardgames.


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