No Sleep = Over Eating

I am not sure if this is the same for everyone but when I am tired I have an overwhelming desire to stuff my face. When this happens I generally don’t reach for my regular carrots, cucumbers, apples and oranges, I want bread, potato chips, salty greasy awful for your body foods and I definitely have a tendency to over do it when these cravings hit. “Potato chips with a side of five cheeses and a bagel with dill cream cheese, yes please!”
7-potato-chips-cheese-puffs-636I am normally pretty careful about making sure I get at least 7 hours of sleep, because otherwise I am not much fun to be around, I am less likely to go to the gym in the morning and my brain isn’t all the useful for the day.

With all the planning and running around I have been up to lately I have noticed there have been an increase in the urge to ditch the delicious healthy balanced meal for a four cheese poutine (that is fries, cheese curds and gravy for anyone who has never had one). So I started doing some googling, and although I am not overly shocked I was happy to find out that I am not weird it is an actual thing. People tend to eat more junk*, and more calories when they lack hours of sleep.

I always knew that getting enough sleep was important to weight loss and a healthy life style, but I figured that was more of a correlation with muscle repair rather than how it may affect the way I would eat.

I found a couple articles on the subject and it seems that there is no difference in the way sleepers vs non-sleepers burn calories it is all in the numbers baby.  It seems that people who sleep less than say the typical 7 hour tend to eat on average about 300 more calories a day. Which if kept up would definitely not be all that great for your health.

Something to keep in mind when you are contemplating watching just “one” more episode Mad Men on Netflix vs. going to sleep.

*this article is about teenagers, but heck I am sure this junk food reflex doesn’t affect only younger people.


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