What is Happening?!

What is happening? and I mean that in every positive way you could mean it. This morning my alarm set at 4:33am, went off and I said aloud “I am so freaking tired” and then thought to myself “oh hell no. There is no way I am going to the gym”. We all know what comes next after that, the rationalizing. “I can do a workout when I get home“, “maybe I can bring my gym clothing to work and just go on a run at lunch“, “I will just make sure to go to the gym tomorrow“.

And then something so strange happened. After about four minutes of laying in bed, and resetting my alarm clock, to go off with enough time to make my way to work, a feeling of “what are you doing?” set in. I couldn’t make myself stay in bed to get an extra hour of sleep, there was an overwhelming desire to stick to my commitment. I mean after all I had put in all that effort the night before. I had packed my lunch, picked out my clothes, packed my gym bag, everything was ready to go, what was I doing laying in bed?

So without anymore thought I begrudgingly dragged my butt out of bed, brushed my teeth, drank my glass of water and suited up for the gym. All while thinking “well you are going to make it there but we will see how hard you push yourself once you get there”. This is when the most magical thing ever happened (yes, more magical than actually getting out of bed at 4:37am), I decided enough of this negative talk and get your butt in gear for real. I mean really it is just logical sense, I made myself go all the way to the gym why waste it. I then proceeded to push my body to the limits for the duration of my work out, about 45minutes.

My workout today started with a 15minute run on the treadmill to wake my body up (which honestly started off slower than slow), followed by a strength building 30minute NTC workout that totally kicked my butt, and so I figured it might be nice for me to share. So here you go.


The workout had me sweating, but it also had me moving so much I wasn’t wondering when it would end, I was down on the ground stretching before I knew it. It was a wonderful way to start the day, and seeing I am not used to weights all that much I have a feeling my arms are going to be feeling it tomorrow.

All of this moving around early in the morning definitely had me hungry, and has left me that way for most of the day. So boy was I happy to have a delicious protein and complex carb meal ready for me to eat when lunch time rolled around.

I introduce you to Sweet Chili Lime Tofu. It was amazing, but definitely much better served freshly cooked, although it was still super tasty the next day.

photo (11)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day, and that you have had the chance to push yourself at least once today!


4 thoughts on “What is Happening?!

  1. i feel the same way! 9 time out of 10, if i make it to the gym, i kick my own ass to make it worth it! that’s the way to do it! 🙂 but i do not blame you for not wanting to get up at 4:30… i can barely get out of bed at 5:30! 🙂

  2. Good for you; getting up early to train is never easy, but you put that notion to rest – so to speak! Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

    • Thanks so much for the support. You are right it is all about setting things into motion, I figure once you set your heart on something it is much easier to commit to moving forward.

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