Fast Approaching

With 96 days left until my wedding my relaxed don’t worry I have everything under control attitude is definitely being challenged. Not that I feel like there are two million things to get done, just that there are things to get done, and I have the overwhelming need for them to be done “right” – whatever that means.

When throwing a shindig I have this uncontrollable ,needs to be managed, urge to make everything as perfect as possible. This feeling can often times be extremely overwhelming and gives me a bit of tunnel vision.  As mentioned before I find that lists help greatly in managing this, exercise is also another one of my biggest weapons in controlling impending control related freak-outs.
gym classOver the past several months of my gym membership I have found that not all exercise gives me that mellow you out kind of here but not here feeling.  It seems that classes like TRX, Spin, Zumba or anything requiring classes, a lot of coordination and monitoring of the instructor is too much thinking for me to get to that blisted out place where all you are thinking about is keeping the movement going.  Don’t get me wrong these classes are fun, but I don’t find them to be as awesome in the “break on life” category.

My groves seem to be running and yoga, swimming is definitely coming in third, but that depends on how many other people are in the pool (over crowding makes a huge difference).

But with yoga and running there is something so similar in the way that my mind and body reacts, sure running is faster paced, but they both accomplish the same mind calming effect for me. They both turn into solo practices for me. Yoga is done with classes full of people but generally you don’t really notice everything going on around you, it always ends up being about you and your mat and what feels right.  Same goes for running, it is about you and your pace and your thoughts.
I guess they are just two different forms of self reflection time to me, they are both so different but at the same time provide me with the clam and allow me to release stresses even if it is only for the 60-90minutes I am doing them.

All this to say I see a lot of running and yoga in the next 96 days so I don’t lose my mind in the small details that seem to be so numerous when planning a wedding.

Hope everyone had an amazing sunshine filled weekend! I will be back later on this week with some food posts, I wasn’t overly experimental this past week so I have nothing for your right now. Happy Monday! 


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