Luck of the Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

Today was supposed to be warm sunny and awesome, instead we all woke up this morning to what the weather network is calling “ice fog”, basically it is fog with a fancy name and a temperature of -2. Although it wasn’t the temperature I was hoping to be running in this morning it didn’t end up being so awful.

I believe I had mentioned a little earlier in the week I had signed up for the 5k St. Patrick’s day run, on Monday I woke up with a cough and by Tuesday I had a full blown cold.  Under the strict advisement of a good friend I was medicating with Advil, ginger-lemon-honey tea, massive amounts of vitamin C and as much sleep as I could fit into my schedule.  By Friday I was starting to feel a lot better, way more energy and not much more than a sore throat and a bit of a cough.

So this morning I woke up and decided that I was well enough to tape up my feet, and lace up my shoes.  It has been about two years since I have been in a race and I was pretty excited to get out there line up with everyone, and run in a heard of people.  I had forgotten how good it feels to be in the middle of a group of people who are just as stoked to run as you are, it felt awesome.

Now this wasn’t just any race, it was a St. Patrick’s Day race! So people were decked out in their favorite green apparel or just plain dressed up like the Irish Flag. It made looking around really amusing.
luck of the irishNow down to business. Originally when I had signed up for this race I was hoping to get a good time, as a bit of a motivator for my 10k race coming up in May, but with my cold I had decided that I would be happy to finish in 35 minutes or just plain finish at all. So I made myself a play list and just focused on making sure I kept one foot in front of the other.  So when I saw my time of 29 minutes and 57 seconds I was pretty stoked, so all in all it was a pretty good start to my festive day!
finished and muddyI hope everyone is getting all decked out in green and ready to celebrate today and in their own way. Happy Saturday!


5 thoughts on “Luck of the Irish

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  2. that time is awesome brittany!!!! sean’s flight from vancouver didnt land last night so he had to spend the night in TO… we didnt make it to the race 😦

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