Under the Weather

So originally I was going to write this post about workingout when you are getting sick. Seeing I am not a doctor and that there are so many theories out there I thought it might be fun to see what works for me. Personally I am a believer in if my body is getting worn down enough to get sick chances are my body is pleading with me to take a break.

Not that I have been training overly hard or anything like that, because I do make a point of listening to my body when it comes to that (too many injuries in the past due to ignoring warning signs). But this time around it is probably a combo of the wonderful change in weather (this is not sarcasm I am really excited), work stress, wedding planning stress, and everything else that goes with your life.

All of that to say an entire post about how I feel when I attempt to workout while under the weather would have turned out a lot like my workouts, short and unproductive. So instead I figured I would talk about food, something we can all get behind.

Recently I have been thinking a lot about the foods I have been eating. With the weather getting nicer and spring getting closer the local Ottawa Farmers Market has definitely been on my mind! It has become a bit of a ritual for me in the summer months. Every Sunday morning I get up bright and early empty out my backpack and bike over to the farmers market. Pack my backpack to the brim with fresh fruits and veggies and then I make the ride back home just waiting to eat some of my fresh local produce.

Now that is me in the summer. In the winter it is a totally different story. I mean I know there are a lot of seasonal Ontario produce that I can eat, but I normally end up caving and going with Mexico or USA produce so I can have strawberries, oranges, and a variety of other fruits and veggies. But then it dawned on me, I actually don’t even know what is in season during the winter months here in Ontario. I mean I assumed a lot of rutabaga, winter squash, potatoes and other starchy produce, this is one of the main excuses I have used to avoid going out and filling my fridge with local veggies, and I don’t even know what is actually in season.

So recently I decided to look into it. I figured assuming probably wasn’t the best route to go when you are trying to eat healthy local foods. So I went onto the Ontario Food Land webpage and was surprised to find out there are actually quiet a few delicious veggies that are in season right now (albeit some are greenhouse, but shocking all the same).


This list besides the parsnips is pretty much a list of a lot of my favourit veggies…who am I kidding I love mostly all veggies. See I am one of those odd balls who would pick carrots and celery over strawberries any day (weird I know don’t judge). I am sure the pickings in Ontario aren’t this plentiful during all winter months but it was definitely an eye opener to me. Just a little reminder that it is good to inform yourself, even about little things. I also found a seasonal food blog (Seasonal Ontario Food) that I would recommend checking out to anyone looking for ideas on how to prepare seasonal foods.

Hope everyone has had a pretty awesome week so far, and no one else is starting to come down with someone. Have a great Thursday.


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