Monday Motivator

Mondays are normally hard enough, but with the addition of the time change yesterday, this Monday morning felt exceptionally difficult.
lose an hour
While preforming my daily routine of checking my favourit blogs, I found out that this week’s challenge from Blogilates would be perfect for a sleepy, hard to wake up morning like today. Although this time of year can normally be pretty exciting because it is almost finally spring, it can also be a bit tough because the weather is still a little nutty and you are never sure if you are going to be waking up to snow or sunshine – at the hour I get up sunshine is never an option, but you get my drift.

So the challenge was to create a vision board. So basically go and find images of things that inspire you to be healthy, active, happy and to remain motivated. To me the whole point is get another little push to help keep you going even when the sun isn’t shining. So here we go here is my vision board. Feel free to share what keeps you motivated and inspired whether it is for exercise and healthy eating, or artistically, or career wise or anything.

Best of luck to everyone adjusting to the new time this week, sometimes that one hour can be so greatly missed.


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