So normally I wouldn’t write about something like this or even get into the discussion. I have my personal views and I am good with leaving them at that, but a recent sighting of one of the most disgusting things I have seen in a long time sparked my interest on this subject.

Recently Ottawa passed a pretty strict smoking ban, it would prohibit smoking at bar and restaurant patios and at city-run beaches and parks. It would also ban smoking at any festivals held on city owned property.

Now full disclosure I used to be a smoker, I started smoking at 13 years old (because it was the coolest thing to do) and continued on until I was 22, this is also the point in my life where I started getting a bit more serious about my health and the life style I chose to live.

As an ex-smoker there are still times where I think man it would be awesome to have a smoke on this patio with a beer, then I remember how bad they smell, how much they cost and how awful they are for my body.

Now I am not one of those ex-smokers who is disgusted by the act of smoking (I actually have a pretty glamorous recollection of my smoking days), so people smoking on a patio or at a beach or a festival doesn’t bother me all that much. Someone smoking along the canal while I am running that to me is disgusting but I don’t think a smoker would want cigarette smoke blown in their face while finishing off a 7k run.

Enter super disgusting picture of what I saw today:
smoking is grossNow best part of this photo is that all of the cigarette butts are literally directly beside a Butt Out stop provided by the city.

Anyways, all of this to say original I wasn’t for or against the new bill and I could understand why both sides were getting a little heated, I also understand that the bill is, lets face it, a little paternalistic, but I have to be honest after seeing this I am less and less in the middle on this issue.

I understand that smokers, their life styles and habits are being challenged and restricted by this by-law, but at the same time when things like the above happen, and smokers decide to smoke my environment and health are directly affected due to someone else’s choices. I feel in comparison health and the health of our environment gets to trump somebody’s desire to have a smoke on a patio.

Feel free to disagree I am not here to change anyone’s mind on the issue, nor am I suggesting anyone who smokes should quit, and I am obviously not saying that this isn’t annoying for all the smokers out there, I guess I am just saying I won’t be sad if I never see a scene like depicted above again.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday, next post will be delicious food and recipes, sorry about the serious tone of this post.


2 thoughts on “Smoking….

  1. I agree that smoking is really disgusting when you have to be surrounded by it. I was in a bar (not in the US or Canada, in Chile) and everybody was smoking, including the bass player on stage! I could not get away from it! (I also used to smoke, long ago, so I remember how you feel it is within your rights to light up.) 2 days later I thought I was getting a bad cold, but I think it was just the second hand crap working its way through my body, it only lasted that day. Weird. I just have very little tolerance for smoking any more. It’s gross and unhealthy and expensive and bothers other people. Yuck!

    • Thanks for the comment, the fish bowl filled with smoke feeling was never a good time not even as a smoker, although I probably noticed it a lot less because I was contributing to the smoke at the time.

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