Happy Women’s Day!

Today is a great day (well windy and raining, but that just means melting snow), the weather is seeming to warm up and it’s Women’s Day! So time to remember all those amazing women of the past that have done so much for us, and remember that we too are amazing women. Not sure if anyone out there watches Parks and Recreation but…
treat It is time to get out and do something for you and appreciate the woman, lady, girl you are! Go on a run, go to yoga, make a healthy meal, buy that purse, those pants, or heck those socks do something for you today.


I got started on Women’s Day early yesterday with treating myself to my first outdoor run of the season! I was worried that as usual the first outdoor run of the season was going to be brutal, because there is a huge difference between running on a treadmill and running on pavement,and I started to psych myself out.  But in order to keep up the positive attitude I went and purchased a new pair of running socks (they are probably by far my favourit running accessory). I also purchased an iPhone carrying case, but we will get into THAT later.

So feet tapped up to ward off blisters from my orthotics, equipped with my new socks and my outdoor running shoes (normally I wouldn’t bother but the chances of large puddles was astronomical), and I set off for what had planned to be a nice 3-4k run.

SEVEN kilometers later I was rounding back home and starting my cool down.  I couldn’t believe it 7k, without even trying, or noticing how far I had gone. I forgot how freeing and wonderful it felt to get outside and run, I can’t wait for more lovely days. I hope some of you were able to get out and enjoy some beautiful outdoor time yesterday.

Now on the topic of an iPhone carrier. I use my iPhone to track where I have run with iMapMyRun, and I often use couch to 10k in order to not have to think about my 10:1.  I normally just hold my phone while I run, but I am sure you are all aware of how annoying this can be. I am not a huge fan of the arm bands because I find they bounce around a lot and hit me, and well in the summer I develop the an unusual tan due to the strap.  I prefer something that can be securely clipped to my pants, it doesn’t move around too much, headphone wires can go up my back so I don’t get my hands tangled in them…there are just so many positives.  Anyways, I had lost my old one and was in need of a replacement. I bought something and well once I got home and got ready to test it out I found out that my iPhone didn’t fit.  So now I am back on the hunt. Does anyone out there have a good suggestion for an exercise case for the iPhone that I can attach to my pants?  

Anyways, hope everyone is having a marvelous Thursday, and hope you all have the chance to show a little extra appreciation to women everywhere today!


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