Keep Moving

Lately I have been finding it difficult to push myself to run over 5km. I am not sure if it is the fact that the treadmill is ridiculously boring and running for over 15minutes and staring off at a wall makes a single tear fall from my eye, or it could be because breaking in my orthotics feels like the most painful thing on earth the second I inch over the 5km mark. Either way I am really hoping for some nicer outdoors weather soon.

While waiting for spring to finally break I have been doing my best to make sure to get out and walk around at lunch time when I can peal myself away from my desk/ encourage myself to brave the cold.  I have also been attempting to stick to a resent resolution to walk if I can walk there in an hour.  This resolution although it is the easiest thing ever in the summer/spring/fall is often times the hardest thing to stick to when it comes to -40 weather.  But things are seriously starting to look up, now I don’t want to jinx it, but I am really hoping the sun gets to melting a lot of the snow this week.

lookin' up
Now all this being said I would like to think that training for the impending 10k race is going alright. Although I would really like to be running more than I have been I am happy that I have been getting out at all, and I am pretty confident that the circuit training I have been doing will help out also.  It has definitely helped out with recovery time from sore muscles after my first couple full 5km treadmill runs, so I can only imagine it will continue to help as I get into longer runs.

Another thing that has really been helping me out, and helping me find my mellow was attempting an at home yoga practice. However, I would definitely NEVER give up going to actual yoga classes, starting up this personal practice has definitely been a huge positive.  If all I have to spare is 30minutes I have a practice for that, and if I have some more time I have a practice for that too, or I can make my way to a yoga studio. So far testing the waters out with a personal practice has been a very positive and encouraging experience and I will probably keep it up. Oh it has also definitely helped out with my increased need for  stretching due to the amount I am running I have been attempting to do lately.

Anyways, I hope everyone is doing what they can to start kicking their bodies into spring mode, and gearing up to lose an hour of sleep this Sunday.


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