Dieting Vs. Eating Healthy

I find dieting vs health eating a subject which bounces around in my head often enough. What is the difference? is there one?

The way I see it is one of the biggest differences is how they are marketed. Diets have whole commercial squads behind them getting the good word out, where as healthy eating has a food guide pushed out by the government, and even that is refuted but other healthy eating life style guides.

Besides their marketing campaigns the other main difference I can pick out is one is a quick fix not normally maintainable, and the other is about striking a balance and finding something that works best for your body.

Dieting is a quick fix, a miracle that will cure all of your woahs. But in reality it is about limitations and restrictions. Diets always sound so promising, so easy, so wonderful, but once your diet comes to an end what are you supposed to do? Do you go back to eating how you used to? Does the weight stay off? Does it come back with a vengeance and when it does do you just try another diet? The ups and downs eventually have you feeling like you are a yo-yo.


In my opinion not only are they a roller-coaster for you physically but also emotionally. Sure you start feeling great once you see the pounds coming off, but then you miss all the food you used to be to eat, and once you are off that diet it is likely that you haven’t learnt too many tools (that don’t involve supplement bars, or pre-packaged snacks) to help you out in the long run, and, in the words of batman, BLAMO you are right back where you started.

Now for the other side of the coin. Healthy eating, although much more challenging to get used to (in my books at least) is about setting up healthy boundaries, knowing weaknesses and highlighting strengths. It is about learning about what your body need vs. what your body wants, and fueling it up properly to get the most out of it.

Knowing your body and what it wants and needs doesn’t mean eating carrot sticks all the time, it means that every once in a while you are going to want that pizza, but understanding that maybe a slice is better than an XL to yourself. It is about finding a balance between junk food and whole natural foods and not beating yourself up when you have some of that junk food.

Healthy eating is about understanding that there are ups and down and positive and less positive choices. I believe that you can pull advice from diets, and from different ways of eating (veganism, vegitarianism, paleo diet, gluten free, clean diet…etc.) and make a mix of it for yourself.

For me from venturing into the various categories of dieting trends, new wave ways of eating, clean eating, and cleansing I have found a balance that works for me. Generally speaking it is diary free, gluten reduce, yeast free, I limit the amount of fermented products, and nut free. I try and get as many veggies into my daily routine as possible, and try and cut out boxed or refined foods whenever possible (which is way easier than you would ever think it would be). I still definitely enjoy my junk food, but I know I feel my best when I am eating homemade foods, that avoid any of my sensitivity triggers, so in the end that is what I end up choosing.

The way I figure it life is about a balance of everything, and seeing how everyone is different there is no one diet, or way of eating that will work for everyone.

Happy Monday everyone!


One thought on “Dieting Vs. Eating Healthy

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