Mornings Like This…

Halfway through my walk into work this morning I started to feel like something weird was going on. I started to survey my surrounding, not finding anything out of the ordinary. Streets are empty, sidewalks are calm and peaceful, the occasional bus rolls by – if you haven’t noticed I go to work really early.

Then it dawned on me! Holy cow it was light out.  For the first time in about four months it wasn’t pitch black on my way to work!
morningFor us Canadians noticing you aren’t living in infinite darkness anymore can be one of the happiest days ever.  I mean the weather has been nice lately but you don’t want to get too excited about that, it can change on a dime.  But the sun rising before 8:30am now that means something it means that spring is truly on its way!

I will be able to leave the treacherous treadmill and confinements of running indoors, and I will soon be able to move outdoors, the trails will be open soon, and it will be so glorious.  It also means soon I will get a vitamin D overdose from the sun!!!

Bring on the SUN, which I guess for a red head is a bit strange to be saying but I do miss it’s warm rays touching more than just my face.  But when you look like this for most of the winter it is difficult to get enough vitamin D from that glorious giant star.

Biking, rollerblading, hiking, heck just walking around outdoors, it seems so close you can smell it.  Waiting for the glory of summer I feel is a Canadian tradition, one I am happy to participate in!

What summer activity are you most excited for?


2 thoughts on “Mornings Like This…

  1. i like you so i like your blog too 🙂 too lazy to sign up for whatever i need to sign up for to actually “like” your post, but a comment is awesome too, right? heh

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