Gearing Up for Training

Training for running is something I actually enjoy, but lately because of my knees/hips I have been a little slow to give myself the push I needed to get running. So as previously mentioned I signed up for a the Ottawa Race weekend 10k. So I guess there’s no choice,it is time to start training.

I have been running about 2 days a week,mixed with other forms of cardio. So upping my distance and speed shouldn’t be too difficult. But this race I would really like to have a good time so I think I might actually train properly this go around.
running woman
I have the running room manual on 10k training, I have couch to 10k, and a couple months ago I was checking out Disney’s half Marathon and the training program they advocate. I have iMapmyrun, Run Tracker, and numerous other iPhone apps that I downloaded some time ago hoping it would jump start my training, and I guess it did.

So here is my plan…for the first couple of weeks I am going to use the couch to 10k, just to get me back into the grove of longer run periods, while phasing out walking breaks.

Seeing how most of the running apps I have are useless on a treadmill I will be ignoring them for now. Until around April when the weather warms up and I can start practicing outside, which by the way is always a hit to your ego after running on a moving floor for months.

So the goal is to run a full 50minutes without any walking breaks…and the hope is that within that 50minutes I will be able to run 10km.

Any good running songs to recommend?


4 thoughts on “Gearing Up for Training

  1. anything by lmfao 🙂 there is no shame in taking walking breaks… sean trained for the half at the running room and everyone there does the 10 min run and 1 min walk… his half marathon group leader shaved 11 minutes off her half marathon time by doing the 10 and 1s!!:) good luck!! you should do the st paddys day 5km too!!

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