Keeping Up Momentum

Quickly approaching the middle of February I think myself like a lot of others are starting to dip a little in the motivation department.  Now my commitment to my goals and challenges is just as strong as it was back in December when I started thinking them up, and my commitment to myself and my health is still living strong. But there are those times where myself or anyone else for that matter just need an extra nudge or motivational push to keep ourselves moving.

In order to keep up with my challenges and to just spark some motivation I have decided to set, nay, lock myself into some “goals” or “milestones”.

So firstly, on the smaller scale of things, I have started pre-booking my yoga classes.  Now of course I can cancel any of these classes,  but once I book myself in at a time I feel a definite sense of commitment.  Once I get myself to a couple classes I know my motivation will get sparked and I will fall in love with my practice again.

And lastly, I registered for the 10k race for the Ottawa Race Weekend. Enter old awkward photo of me before my last 10k race.

Having taken some  courses with the Running Room I receive notifications and reminders of when races are happening in Ottawa.  For the past couple of years due to knee/hip problems I haven’t run more than a 5k race, but I think this year is the year.  Thanks to the help of orthotics, and physio, which I swear I am going to start doing on a more regular basis, I think my hips and knees will be in tip top shape for my run in May. Now with this new goal I should be able to keep myself on the treadmill for longer than 20minutes.

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you are all keeping up with your personal goals and challenges. 


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