Nike said it best “Just Do It”

“The question is not, will you survive if you step out of your comfort zone? The question is, will you survive your comfort zone?”

I have no idea where the above quote is from, or who originally said it, but I was in the process of locking myself into some yoga classes (sticking to challenge 2) by pre-booking them, when I figured hey lets check out the teachers and what they are all about.  The yoga studio I am going to right now does a cute little Q&A’s type deal with all of their teachers. Questions like their favourit book, favourit pose, what they are known for, nick names and favourit quotes.  When I came across the above quote it hit me in the face like a sac of oranges, that is what “IT” is all about isn’t it.
The fear to leave ones comfort zone should be trumped by the suffocating staleness of remaining in one. But we all do this way too often. Staying in a job we hate because going back to school is too scary, doing things we don’t love because we don’t want to lose the money we are making, staying in the same city year after year even though there is so much out there, even eating the same sandwich everyday just out of habit.

It isn’t until we leave these tiny little boxes that we have built for ourselves that we begin to realize that there is so much more out there. There are so many opportunities, people, places and things. We forget  that feeling uncomfortable is what helps us to grow and become better people. It is the discomfort that we experience that helps to push us to a new level, to somewhere we have yet to be.

So what is the deal? what is holding us back? Family, friends, money, pets, houses, objects and things? I don’t think any of these things are to blame, although they are a heck of a lot easier to load off on, than figuring out what the little festering “gremlin” is that is holding us back.
stripe the gremlin

I think for a lot of us, if not most or all of us, the thing that is holding us back from moving forward is just fear of failure or disappointment.  Seems so easy when you write it down, doesn’t seem so terrifying.  Now I am just pointing this out, I for one have zero idea how to conquer this one, other than maybe treating it like a band-aid on a particularly hairy arm, you just gotta rip it off.

This post is more just a reminder,  just to point out that sometimes we need to push ourselves to levels of discomfort.  This is not to say that everything we do has to be life altering, I mean it can be as much as pushing yourself to do 20push up today rather than the same 15 you do every other day.  It can be pushing yourself to finish reading that book you started two months ago, or even just finally picking the paint colour for your living room. So I guess maybe just it is just a note to self that you can push yourself, and maybe next time the “fear” (dun dun dunnnnn) sets in think to yourself “who cares if I fail, I can try again”…I guess I just needed a little reminder of this today.

Happy Wednesday! The week is almost over! 


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