Adding a Little Zen

So my making it to a yoga class twice a week has been a little difficult. I really love not doing much of anything on the weekend, but I am coming around to the idea of getting in a run and a yoga class, or even just the yoga class, just to make sure I am sticking to challenge 2 and building up some good habits.

Regardless of coming around to this, I have noticed that I am not overly pumped to go to a 7pm yoga class after having been at the gym at 5am.  Nor am I excited about having to get up the next morning at 4:30am knowing that I probably won’t get home till 8:30pm and then have to eat and come down from the adrenaline rush that often comes with a fast paced hot yoga class.  More importantly this post isn’t about my excuses for not going to yoga, or my lack of a drive to get back into my yoga practice, but rather about how I have been thinking of new ways to make sure I find that mellow balance or zen-ness.

Now most importantly anything I attempt on this front will not be used as a substitute for my yoga practice (as I really do love it) but more of a balancing tool for those weeks that for whatever reason I can’t don’t make it out to a class.

So my first attempt at balance is this old fashiony thing called meditation…perhaps some of you have heard of it, just joking of course you have.

I remember when I was practicing at my old yoga studio some of the teachers would either begin or end a class with a 5-7minute long guided meditation and I was always just so blissed out at the end – probably partly because I got in a little power nap but that is neither here nor there.

Having never attempted this outside of a yoga class had me a little wound up with thoughts  “how do I know if I am doing it right?” “do I om?” “what time should I do it at?” “how long is it supposed to last for?” etc. etc. After calming down a little I decided to see what iTunes had out there in the way of a super cheap free podcast, and I found myself an 11minute guided meditation.  Please note after listening to the podcast I would give it a 3 out of 10 so if anyone out there knows of other guided meditations please please please post a comment. In the mean time although it isn’t the best it will do the trick.

So this morning after my cardio circuit I decided, there is no one in here, I have a huge gymnasium to myself I am doing my first meditation right now! I hooked myself into my iPod, adjusting my posture to reflect what the dude on the podcast told me to do, and off I went following his instructions.

Everything was going just fine until the 7minute mark, and I just couldn’t I handle not moving anymore, little itches were appearing on my nose, cheek, hand, elbow, anything to make my body move. At the 7minute and 22 second mark I conceded and figured 7minutes and 22seconds was better than zero.  I will try again tomorrow and hopefully day by day I will get closer to that 11minutes of meditation.

All this to say, that  meditation will never replace yoga, but so far in the testing things out phase it seems to be a reasonable alternative to help me mellow out from a stressful day or situation.


6 thoughts on “Adding a Little Zen

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  3. As you know one of my classes begins with a 10 minute meditation, and yesterday we tried a self-compassion meditation which was different. My prof said she would be emailing us a website that has some free guided meditations for download so when I get it I will pass it along!

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