Finding balance is something that I believe most people search for their entire lives. Working, exercise, friends, volunteering, relaxing, fun and the millions of other things we somehow squish into our lives is not always something we think about.
Recently, with it being so gross and snowy out, I have begun thinking about life distribution. Not so much because I feel overwhelmed by life but mostly because it is the winter and besides work and the gym I have turned into a hermit.

So two questions have come to mind when I think about balance:

How do you find balance between all of life’s activities?

For myself planning and listing is a huge part of finding balance. Everything from what my suppers are going to be for the week to what is in the books in the way of events or activities. Having things listed out and organized provides me with a sense of relaxation and comfort which helps to relieve any feeling of stress or being overwhelmed.

Now sometimes this is method totally backfires but for the most part this is where I feel comfortable.

Although, this method helps me to feel less “stressed out”  I guess it doesn’t really answer the question of how I find balance. Once a list is written or during the process of writing a list I have to go through an make decisions, what makes the cut and what doesn’t.  And quiet honestly I have no clue how I sort through everything in order to put it onto a list.

As with most things in life I guess there is a bit of a hierarchy of planning.  You know family, friends, work, exercise, reading, watching TV, parties, etc.  In the end it really just depends where things land on your personal scale of importance and how honest you’re being with yourself when you are filling up your date book. 

What does balance mean?
balance I don’t think balance in life means equal distribution, like the image of a scale might conjure up. But rather I think balance is about finding a place between all of your activities and personal interactions where you still have time to reflect. Time to reflect on yourself, your actions or a fun time is just as important in my books as making sure you make it to your friend’s birthday party or other special event in someone’s life.
It is through this reflection that we are able to form our opinions of past events, future events and our emotions surrounding them. I think it is when we lack this time in our lives that we begin to feel overwhelmed or unbalanced.

Having answered those two questions of myself I am no closer to figuring out how to force myself out of the house on a more regular basis in the winter, must mean being warm is higher up on my list than freezing my butt off. Also, I figure as long as I get some human interaction now and then I haven’t turned into a total hermit. Right?

How do you find balance? Does the winter turn you into a total hermit also?


2 thoughts on “Balance

  1. I find that it’s not the winter weather that turns me into a hermit, but more the fact that there is so little daylight after work! And it’s these dark days that make it especially difficult to find a balance between getting stuff done, and doing what I would like to do….
    I prioritize in my head based on the same criteria you had… Family, friends, house stuff, etc. Except I try to keep work off of this list – work is just a fact of life that has to happen (unless I win the lottery… One day…. One day…), and I have to work my fun around the things that have to get done. This way, work doesn’t make it’s way into my list of things I want to do..

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