Challenge 2 Approaching

This morning as I pushed myself out of bed at 4:30am I thought to myself “oh hell no alarm clock”, but lucky for my first 30day goal challenge I am pretty much a zombie in the morning so as long as everything is planned out my body will just get itself ready while my brain takes another 10-20minutes to make its way to full consciousness.

Once I arrived at the gym I got on a stationary bike for 10minutes of cardio to get my heart going and wake me up followed but a ridiculous ab work out. Followed by 10minutes on the Stair Master. A short work out, but it definitely got me sweating up a storm.

Here is the ab work out for those of you looking for an intense challenge.  Please note I got this work out from the NTC app by Nike.

Core Meltdown

While at the gym this morning I was realized that the first 30 days of my challenge are coming to an end, which means I will be moving on to my 2nd 30 day challenge, lets just call it level 2.

Looking at these challenges I am not sure if I am more nervous about fitting in the yoga, or getting back into the pool.  I LOVE to swim I just haven’t done it in so long…four years to be exact, and the last time I did it I was out swam by a 68 year old man, it was shameful on my part.  I have been looking around for a training schedule or tips on getting back into swimming and I haven’t really found much.

I am a total novice swimmer and besides just loving to swim and having all of my swim badges from childhood I have no formal training.  I will definitely keep looking at what is out there because I not only want to improve my swimming abilities but I want it to be a killer work out too! Once/ if I find anything I will share it with everyone, but if you come across anything please do share.

I have also decided that I am going to add one more goal to the list. I am going to add eating clean.  Now this doesn’t mean 100% because I can’t make that commitment right now or maybe ever, but what I mean is cleaner. So making my meals instead of buying them, getting organic when I can, cutting our refined foods and processed foods (anything in a box really) and trying out new veggies and fruits.

So the level 2 challenge will looks like this:

Level 2:

  1. Continue everything listed above.
  2. Commit to increasing my 5am workouts to 4 days a week so that I can add at least one day of swimming.
  3. Commit to a twice a week yoga practice (minimum)
  4. Eat as clean as possible. Cut out refined and processed foods.

I have a feeling my fourth goal is going to be the easiest. I love experimenting in the kitchen and finding new delicious recipes. Also if I can make all my meals look and tastes as good as they were last night I definitely don’t think this goal will be any skin off my back.

spinach and salmon

Delicious warm spinach salad with sweet potatoes, some bacon and red peppers, with steamed salmon.  The salad was a first, and it was so so very delicious. I did add some chili pepper to the sweet potatoes and only used 2tbsp of oil for the whole recipe, also I only used one large sweet potato and felt that it was more than enough.  I would love to find a sub for the bacon but the saltiness it adds is just delightful!

Now I have to start thinking up what my next set of challenges are going to look like for Level 3 (there will be 12 levels, that is the plan at least).  Any suggestions?


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