Get up! Get going!

So the other day I was speaking with a friend about my early morning workouts and she was having a tough time figuring out how one manages to work out in the morning and still make it to work around 6:30 – 7:00.  Through this conversation she suggested that it might be worth a blog post, in case anyone out there is considering changing to a morning work out as opposed to the regular night time exercise.

Now most of it is common sense, to be honest, but sometimes thinking at 4:30am or even thinking about 4:30am can be tough on the mind, body and soul. So I will provide you with my breakdown, and what I do to help make the morning as easy as possible.

Gym Mornings:

04:25 – alarm goes off
04:30 – put gym clothing on and get in the car
04:45-05:00 – arrive at gym and start workout
06:00 – shower at gym (I don’t always wash my hair, which cuts down on time, but when I do I don’t dry it)
06:15 – get home grab my smoothie, consume it while putting on make-up
06:20 – walk to work finishing smoothie
06:35-06:40 – Arrive at work

From looking at the schedule above you may be thinking I am rushing around and stressed out all morning trying to fit things in, but really I am not. I do a bit of prep work the night before that helps me out immensely.

The Prep work:

1. Prepare food for the following day:

The evening before I will make my smoothie and put it in my to-go bottle, I get all my pills and supplements ready for the day, and make my lunch and snacks, and throw this all into my lunch bag.


              sorry I drank my smoothie pre-picture…

 2. What to wear?

I get the gym clothing I am going to wear the next day and I place them by my bed. This eliminates any need for me to think of what top to wear.  I generally decide on clothing based on what type of exercise I will be doing. If I am running I will wear a more supportive top, hot yoga = shorts, so on and so forth.

I also pick out what I am going to wear to work the next day. Seeing as I shower at the gym , it just makes sense to me to be able to get ready for the day there also. This step alone e cuts out so much humming and hawing the following morning.

3. What am I doing?

As mentioned above, I like to pick my workout the night before. It helps me plan, and then I don’t have to worry about it the next morning, instead I just get to the gym and start doing what I have planned out. This helps me reduce the amount of wasted time at the gym, and allows me to focus on working out.

4. Having this helps

Having two of these, regardless of how cute they are helps to ensure I wake up when my alarm goes off, because they are so pestery I couldn’t fall asleep again if I tried.


We might be adorable but we are a force to be reckoned with

5. Weather

I often check the weather the night before.  Living in Canada winters generally need some planning around.  I check the weather to see if there is going to be freezing rain, a huge snow fall, or otherwise awful weather that I might need to give myself some extra time for in the morning so I can get a full hour at the gym.  thankfully this step can be somewhat forgotten in the fall, spring and summer.

So that pretty much sums it up for me. Hopefully this is a little helpful to anyone planning on starting a morning workout routine.

what is your routine when getting ready for the gym, work or anything else first thing in the morning?


2 thoughts on “Get up! Get going!

    • I understand there are some people that just loath the morning so a workout at that time wouldn’t be a good plan. But these steps do help out a little even for a night time work out, I find the most important part is making sure everything is ready for you so you have no excuses to no go to the gym, or eat unhealthy when you get back from the gym.

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