What are you eating?

This weekend I went on a wonderful trip to go and find my wedding dress. Which I did end up finding at the cutest little bridal boutique store called Luxe Bridal Boutique.  The staff was amazing! Although the selection was small they had the exact style of dress I was looking for and one of the largest selections of short wedding dresses I had been able to find in our area.

After trying on a slew of dresses, and having my measurements taken I was being particularly mindful of healthy eating, we (my mom, and two of my girlfriends) went to a beautiful restaurant, full of great local organic food.  Only slip up was I had made the mistake of not double checking about nuts (which I am severely allergic to).

All of this to say the experience has made me think about of what I put in my body on a regular basis.  It made me reassess the risks I had been willing to take in the past when the label read “may contain nuts/peanuts”, but it also made me stop and think of all of the perservatives, and additives that we all put into our bodies on a regular basis.

Although, our body’s reactions to these substances may not be as substantive as say anaphylactic shock they do ,at least in my opinion, do harm to your overall well being overtime. I know that for myself at least (and I understand I might be more sensitive than most) eating heavily processed, boxed, pre-prepared food can give me a wide range of symptoms from bloating, eczema, rash, runny nose, upset stomach, and so on.

Now I am not passing any judgement here, as I love me a Cheeto now and then, and yeah it is easier to buy protein bars than it is to have to make them on a regular basis. I am just saying we should maybe be thinking about what we are putting into our body on more of a regular basis, because sometimes even when it sounds like it is possibly the most healthy thing for you in the world, it can have just a little bit of something which can throw your body into complete chaos.

How often do you read the ingredient list?


5 thoughts on “What are you eating?

  1. Honestly, in the past, i haven’t always looked at the ingredients on the food that i eat – i only look at the ingredient list when i have friends coming over with allergies (and if i’m ever unsure, i double check with them because i am paranoid like that). But over the last few months, i have tried to be more aware of the ingredient list (it does all get thrown out the window when the cravings for KD and hot dogs kick in… however… the hot dogs i have been buying are the all natural kind without the ridiculous additives, so it kinda helps).

    However, the same thing goes for not only the products that are being eaten, but the products that you use on a daily basis – especially cleaning products. With a baby on the way, I can’t help but wonder “Does that disinfecting spray that i use on the countertop do more harm than good? What’s the difference between using that disinfecting spray and some good ol’ soap and water?”

    Really interesting post today – thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks Mons. I do agree, it is all the same food, beauty products, cleaning products, beverages. I guess it is just a good thing to be in the know, even if you are going to break down and have some KD and hot dogs every now and then.

    • I don’t think they are very thorough anywhere in the world. There are always exceptions to the amount of which something must contain before they actually have to let you know that it is in there…but it is always better to get some information than none at all.

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