I am so proud of myself! (I apologize in advance for excessive horn tooting)

The week is coming to an end and I have actually stuck to every inch of my goals for the first 30 days of the New Year! Not only am I stoked that I stuck to the plan, I am stoked that I stuck to it without making any exceptions, excuses, or otherwise bending the “rules”. I have gotten my butt out of bed 3 times this week to hit up the gym at 5am.  The best part about it is the more I do it the more I find that I totally love it!

My 5am work outs generally consist of 20-30minutes of cardio (running, incline walking, Arc Trainer etc.) and then two 15minute focused work outs from my NTC app.  I change the muscle groups that I work each time I am at the gym.

These short hour long workouts have started to give me a load of energy. I am down to one tea a day (on the days I hit up the gym), and I am bubbly and an all around more pleasant person.  I honestly think I am falling in love with these mornings.

Here are some of the things I love about them:

  1. There is next to nobody in the gym – or no body at all…weather dependent as always.gym
  2. It is too early for me to think up a reason not to go to the gym…I guess besides it being 4:30am.alarm
  3. It wakes me right up, so no need for coffee or tea.NoCoffeeCup
  4. It makes me an all around more chipper person.  happy
  5. It gives me my evenings to go to a yoga class and stretch it out, without feeling like I am missing out on cardio.

And now although I most likely won’t be making it to the gym this weekend (due to wedding dress shopping and other fun getting married commitments) I won’t feel guilty because I have put in a solid effort this week, and my muscles’ beautiful aches and pains are proof of that.

Hope you all enjoyed my little pat on the back post. If you are proud of yourself for something go ahead pat yourself on the back also, you deserve it!


3 thoughts on “Success!

  1. Sticking with your 5am workout commitments is an incredible accomplishment! Even with the snowy/icy weather we’ve been having! Congratulations and enjoy the workout free mornings this wknd!

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