Apps for Getting Moving

So far 2012 is shaping up nicely. Like most I am starting this year pretty excited and convinced that I am going to be able to rock it. I know it is only the fourth of January but I have stuck to my goals so far.

Yesterday, on my first technical day if vacation, I met up with a friend for a little lunch time yoga. And man am I happy we went. Our hot yoga class was a huge eye opener for me. I hadn’t been to an actual yoga class (gym yoga doesn’t count as real yoga to me) in almost a month, been drinking way too much, and eating food that I know upset my digestive system and makes my eczema breakout. The yoga class, just a regular 60minute hot class, gave me a much needed kick in the pants, while letting me know my body isn’t really appreciative of what I have been doing to it.

Continuing with my newly acquired sense of determination I got up a 5am and dragged myself to the gym for a full hour workout. Despite being on vacation and it being -29 degrees (Celsius) outside this morning I made it there and completed an hour long work out.

Enough with the patting myself on the back and a little sharing. I have recently found two AMAZING apps. Both of the made by Nike and made for people interested in fitness. They seem to be geared for “extreme” fitness and sports types I have found to date they are pretty awesome for anyone.

The first is Nike BOOM. I have used this one twice so far and I am just using it for basic workouts and I have found it to be great. You get to pick some power songs that you can call on when you need a little boost. And then on top of that you have professional athletes giving you little words of encouragement throughout your workouts.

The second one I have discovered, and it is totally kicking my butt is Nike’s NTC (Nike Training Club). This app is full of interval workouts at different levels, focused workouts and bonus workouts from professional athletes. You also have the option of 15, 30 and 45 minute workouts. I really enjoyed that this app has a voice to let you know when to start the next move, and what it is. It eliminates the looking at paper half way through the work out, and you can focus on working out instead of counting how many seconds you have held a position.

As a treat, if anyone is looking for a good ab workout here is what mine looked like this morning…my core is already screaming. Also I am just figuring out tables, and how to insert them, any pointers would be greatly welcomed. A thanks to Peanut Butter Fingers for showing me how to make a pretty table.

Killer Ab Workout:

Crazy Abs

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