Goal Setting and 2012!

So I have written about it before, but I guess I am doing it again. It is that time of year and it is just so hard not to stop thinking “how can I be the best me?”  The answer to this question for me has a couple of contributing factors: energy, happiness, digestion and a general all around good feeling.

In order for me to be the best me that I can be I need to do something that makes me happy, gives me energy, helps out my tummy, and just all around makes me a more pleasant, relaxed and enjoyable person for myself and others to be around.

Through many years of diets, cleanses, work out DVDs, failed gym memberships, and self loathing I have found a combination of many things that helps me to be a happier person.  I have found that a combination of healthy eating (which by the way is mostly delicious), exercise (running and yoga mostly), and accomplishing goals (no matter how small) I turn into this beaming happy individual.

For myself in the New Year I have set up some small goals, which I know I can accomplish.  I have set them up to be divided up into 30 day segments making it easier for me to stay focused, and so that by the end of 30 days I get to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, to help give me an extra push that I will no doubt need.

Now, I have been hesitant about posting my goals because they are personal, and although I like sharing it is scary to put something like this out there, fear of failure and all of that jazz. In the end I figured if anything it will help to motivate me, and make me accountable and honest with myself and the couple readers I have. So here it goes.

First 30days of 2012:

  1. Blog every 2 to 3 days about how things are going in meeting my goals.
  2. Limit my alcohol consumption to twice a week. (This one might hurt a bit but I can do it…I just love me a glass of wine with dinner)
  3. Commit to 3 days a week for my 5am gym workouts.
  4. Add yoga and strength training gym classes where possible.

Second 30 days of 2012:

  1. Continue everything listed above.
  2. Commit to increasing my 5am workouts to 4 days a week so that I can add at least one day of swimming.
  3. Commit to a twice a week yoga practice (minimum)

This is as far as I have gone in the goal setting. I have found that a 60 day “challenge” or goal is my limit anything beyond that is just hopeful thinking and I generally just brush it off as something that “would have been nice”.  So in order to be true to myself, and stick to my commitments I am keeping it short.

Best of luck to everyone who is setting some goals for the upcoming year, or continuing some for the year which is about to pass. Remember you deserve to be happy, healthy, and the best you can possibly be.

Happy New Year…Let’s make it countnew year


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