Holidays and Exercise…they don’t always mix so well.

Christmas was wonderful. Full of good cheer, family, friends, and lots and lots and lots of food.  The food is always a little overwhelming when I go over to my fiancé’s parents place.  But it is always so good it is virtually impossible to say no. Although, this year I am extremely proud of myself and my new found ability to pace myself in the face of so many delicious options. Even with my best efforts by the end of the day I felt like exploding I had eaten so many different snacks, not to mention the turkey and stuffing.

In an attempt to curb the effects of over eating last holiday season I had attempted a Christmas morning run.  It was so refreshing and calming I felt like it would be a nice tradition to start for myself, so I went on a run again this year and it was glorious. I really enjoy starting the day with a run (inside or out), and a run Christmas morning is always so peaceful.

I ran along the river, and into a little forest with a gravel path, it was great.  On the way back home from my run I noticed some jingling, at first I brushed it off thinking it was a part of the Metal Christmas music I was listening to I kept running, but the jingling was so sporadic there was no way it was a part of the song.  At this point I looked down and noticed I had inadvertently stolen someone’s dog.  After a quick detour back to the owner and apologizing I got back on my run and finished it up with some quick hill work.  Nothing like some good hill work to make you remember what your legs are really made out of.


That little white dot…that is the dog I “borrowed” for a couple minutes.

All of this to say, besides my Christmas run and a TRX class (if you haven’t tried one please do they are a great total body work out with a focus on arms) on Christmas eve day, exercise has been a second thought through the holidays. With Christmas over and New Years Eve coming I am going to attempt to get a jump start on my routine.

Through some trial and error I have found that a 5am work out is totally something I can do, although, it is not something I can do at home, and with my new oGeorgeous ( gym bag coming in any day now I will have no excuse not to be totally organized and ready to go to the gym for 5am.

Besides my early morning work outs, which by the way I have found are essential to making me wake up during these dark winter months, I plan on getting back on the yoga train.  It has been much too long since I have had a regular practice and my all over the place once or twice a week practice has been leaving me feeling a little unbalanced lately.

Do you have any self love plans for the new year?  is there anything you are planning on doing to jump start your new years resolutions for health and fitness?


2 thoughts on “Holidays and Exercise…they don’t always mix so well.

  1. I love that you “stole” a dog! It was far too snowy to go for a walk/jog/run outside my house. I would have ended up in the emerg. But I definitely think what you did was a great idea. Not just for physical activity but to give yourself a mental breather. Cheers!

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