No Snow for Christmas

It is getting so close that wonderful time of year you get to stuff your face with delicious food, be lazy and hang around the house with family, and getting to have some festive drinks with friends.

Only problem with it this year, is that it isn’t looking like we will be getting any snow.  Now please don’t mistake me for one of those “snow lovers” because I am not.  I despise the white stuff, but I mean it is Christmas after all, it is basically the only acceptable day for their to be snow on the ground.

Without at least three feet of snow outside and a -16 to -25 type temperature do you justify the additional layer of fat you are conjuring up from all the delicious food and drink and laziness? And here I am on the map…I have no excuses not to go on a run Christmas morning, I have no excuse not to make healthy food instead of carb and sodium latent holiday food, it is almost a winter slap in the face. Perhaps Karma for so many years of bad mouthing the season and its cold white friend.

Well there are 5 days left for things to turn around, although looking at the weather forecast for the next week it doesn’t look like there is much hope for a white Christmas this year. Guess I will just have to settle for a brisk Christmas run and a sensible amount of holiday treats.

Hope you have some snow where you are on the 25th

Do you perfer a snow filled Christmas?



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