Holidays and Cookies

This past weekend’s task was making a million different types of cookies to hand out to our neighbours as happy holiday wishes.  Originally it was decided that 8 different varieties of cookies, bars and delicious bonbons would provide a nice variety and would make an adequate amount of goodies for the neighbours.

Well it turns out that was a little overly ambitious, and 8 different deserts just didn’t happen.  In the end 5 different goodies were made which turned out to be a perfect amount of options and I am now officially over baking for the year.

all cookies

The goodies that did end up getting made were: S’more Squares, Lime Melt Aways, Gingerbread Brownies, Peppermint Meringues, and Mint White Chocolate Oreo Truffles.

Now the S’more squares are something my mom always made growing up so I don’t really have a recipe for that, but I am sure when googled several recipes would turn up…just a hint they are made with golden grams, and I am pretty sure the original recipe is straight from the box.

But for the other delicious sweets here are the links: – Oreo Truffles – changed to white chocolate and added 2 tsp of peppermint extra (or to taste). – Lime Meltaways – Gingerbread Brownies – Peppermint Meringues, please note I didn’t make them into sandwiches, these were the last things that were baked and well I had run out of steam.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday filled with lots of delicious treats!

peppermint meringues



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