health and fitness

Health and Fitness, these two items always seem to become a bit of a big deal this time of the year.  New Years resolutions just around the corner and it seems everyone starts thinking “this year I am going to lose weight”, “this year I am going to stick to my diet”, “this year I am going to have a diet”, “this year I am going to get healthy”.

The problem with these uber general and vague resolutions is that there is no structure, there is no exact point of achievement.  I am no fitness or health expert (I am an officer worker) but it sure sounds like every year we set ourselves up for a little disappointment.

I believe when it comes to health and fitness a New Years resolution is a great way to jump start your commitment to yourself, but it is important to be very prescriptive in what you would like to achieve.  Perhaps instead of vaguely setting the goal of “losing some weight” you decide that this year you would like to attempt to “lose 10lbs” (although personally I don’t think weight goals are the best way to go about it)*, putting an actual realistic number or point to your goal will help you in achieving it, and not getting lost in a self-doubt spiral.

*so I don’t think weight goals are the best way to go about health and fitness because it is something that can be, taken back.  It is possible that you reach your goal and lose that 10lbs, but then later on down the road if you fall off the wagon a bit and gain that weight back self doubt may settle.  I personally feel like setting goals such as “I will run a 10k race”,  “I will go to yoga 4 days a week” or “I will go to the gym 4 days a week” are much better goals. These goals or resolutions will help you to achieve health and fitness, and once you run that 10k race there is no taking it back from you, so you just get to hold onto that accomplishment.

As I had mentioned before, it seems to me that resolutions like this are “commitments to yourself”.  What I mean by this is that embarking on a health or fitness goal (at any time of the year) should be treated like an agreement.  Much like committing to bringing the kids to their hockey games, going to supper with some friends, or watching a friend’s dog it is something that once you have committed to it you should stick to.  Now I know that self commitments are sometimes the hardest thing ever because you get this little voice going off in your head says “you aren’t letting anyone down, just watch the movie instead of going on your run, it isn’t hurting anybody.” No matter how hard it is I urge you to ignore this voice, because although you aren’t letting someone else down you are neglecting yourself and how you feel and your health are just as, important as taking the kids to their hockey game.

Now I am not suggesting in anyway that other commitments should be ignored so you can get a 40minute run in, what I am suggesting is that when the time is there, even if you are a little tired, you owe it to yourself to work on yourself.


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